“On behalf of AXIS Contracting I cannot more highly recommend New England Crane Sales for advice on a crane to suit whatever application you have in mind. I approached with little more than some vague capacities and distances while the truck order was still being finalised and was quickly presented with options complete with pricing, mock-ups and calculations (including our unusual request for marine grade pipe work). The fit-out process was completed on-schedule in a very short timeframe and training/handover was quick and easy as well.

The crane itself (a HIAB 055 rear-mounted to our MAN 4×4 tray truck) has performed flawlessly since 2019 and has proven to be a very worthwhile asset. Rather than having to coordinate sub-contractors or disassemble equipment in remote locations we can quickly load or unload, reducing dwell times on site and vastly reducing manual handling risks. It has also been of great use in unexpected situations such as retrieval of a broken bore pump, as an elevated pulley point for cable winching and bracing animal nesting boxes against trees while they were being secured. It’s presence on the truck means we can take on more work and say no to unusual requests far less often, which keeps existing customers happier and brings in new ones.

We would not hesitate to have New England Crane Sales fit another crane to our next truck and look forward to working with them again.”

Jackson Richards, AXIS Contracting